2 massive riverfront towers in downtown London one step closer to full approval

A proposal to bring two massive towers with 800 residential units to the Forks of the Thames in downtown London, Ont., received unanimous committee approval with full council still left to sign off on the development. 

On Tuesday, councillors voted 4-0 to approve the 53 and 43-storey apartment towers proposed by York Developments. If approved by council, they would become London’s two tallest buildings.

Both are located at King and Ridout Streets on the site of the former Middlesex-London Health Unit headquarters, next to the historic courthouse. 

The courthouse building, which dates back to 1827, is also a National Historic Site of Canada. York Developments told the committee that engineers would be hired to ensure the buildings wouldn’t be altered or impacted by construction work. 

“I’m going to support this particular development,” said Mayor Josh Morgan. “I hope there are other high-density developments and I hope this is a catalyst for others who want to deploy their capital in our city and help us create units in our downtown.”

Some critics are concerned the towers will crowd out the historic site and block access to the riverfront. The development would require re-zoning, and an amendment to the city’s official plan due to their height.

The proposal will head to city council on October 17.

York Developments is proposing two large towers next to the Middlesex County building at the corner of King and Ridout streets. At 53 and 43 storeys, the apartment towers would be London’s two tallest buildings. The historic Middlesex courthouse building is seen at the bottom and centre of the frame. (York Developments)

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