Atreca (BCEL) Locks In A Catalyst In The Oncology Space

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Atreca (NASDAQ:BCEL) is a biotechnology company with a upcoming catalyst from its lead pipeline candidate, ATRC-101, in advanced solid malignancies. This article takes a look at the data to date and what we might expect when BCEL reports

BCEL pipeline

Figure 1: BCEL pipeline. ATRC-101 is BCEL’s only drug in the clinic currently. (BCEL Corporate Presentation, January 2023.)


Figure 2: ATRC-101 binds a ribonucleoprotein (a macromolecule made from RNA and an RNA-binding protein) found in many tumor types. (BCEL Corporate Presentation, January 2023.)

ATRC-101 safety data

Figure 3: Screenshot of table of results from ATRC-101 phase 1b trial. (Interim Clinical Update of the Phase 1b Trial of ATRC-101 as Monotherapy or in Combination with Pembrolizumab for Select Advanced Solid Tumors. Presented at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting November 2022.)

ARTC H-score

Figure 4: The median H-score of patients achieving at least stable disease is higher than those with progressive disease (left panel). Those with H-score greater than 50 had a better response rate than those with an H-score less than 50 (right panel). (BCEL Corporate Presentation, January 2023.)

BCEL technical analysis

Figure 5: BCEL’s past 12 months of trading. A downward channel is noted in purple, a bull flag in blue. (

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