BlackRock Health Sciences: Well-Positioned Healthcare CEF For Monthly Income (NYSE:BME)

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To follow up my recent article on the BlackRock Science and Technology Trust (BST), I wanted to examine another favourite CEF of mine that can serve as a non-overlapping complementary holding, the BlackRock Health Sciences Trust (

BME Premium & Discount

BME Premium & Discount (BlackRock)

BME Quick Facts

BME Quick Facts (BlackRock)

BME Annual Report

BME Annual Report (BlackRock)

BME Top 10 Holdings

BME Top 10 Holdings (BlackRock)

Data by YCharts

BME vs XLV Total Return (2006-Present)

BME vs XLV Total Return (2006-Present) (Seeking Alpha)

BME Historical Yield

BME Historical Yield (Seeking Alpha)

BME 10YR Yield On Cost

BME 10YR Yield On Cost (Seeking Alpha)

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