BTS After Jungkook Kim Namjoon aka RM becomes a victim of personal information leak caught during an audit

BTS: Oh no! RM aka Kim Namjoon’s privacy is violated when Samsung confesses to tracking Jungkook. A Corel employee has admitted to checking his personal information for non-work purposes

BTS member jungkook

BTS member Jungkook is apparently under the radar of a self-confessed Satsang, who has told fans he’d provide concrete personal (read dating) information about the golden mecca. Now, it has emerged that RM aka Kim Namjoon’s personal information has been accessed unauthorizedly 18 times in the last three years. A report has appeared in Korean media outlets such as SBS and AllKpop stating that an audit was conducted by Corel and they found the employee guilty. Looks like the person confessed and is now suspended. The employee said that he did it out of curiosity.

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Jungkook on his Instagram account

The BTS leader is known for using public transportation. The employee apparently leaked information about his ticket to close friends so they could get seats closer to him. It seems that the person collected his personal information like mobile number, address, and ticket issue details even when it was not required. He once got a ticket to sit next to the BTS leader. Fans are outraged by what is happening to the BTS members. Jungkook has deactivated his Instagram account after reports emerged that a stalker is trying to hack his phone as well. Distressed fans want strict action against this person.

BTS fans write to HYBE

Recently, Jimin’s tax papers were also leaked. In fact, a monk at the temple Namjoon visited reportedly spoke to the press about his visit. He said that he asked the RM about his military enlistment and what was his response. Namjoon said that he did not expect press articles, and indicated that he would not go to the same temple. BTS fans have been writing to HYBE to take strict action against such breach of privacy.

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