Bumpy roads

It has come to my notice that the roads of Karachi have become bumpy and uneven, leading to significant inconveniences for residents. The root cause of this problem can be traced back to the damage inflicted on these roads during the construction of sewerage lines just before the monsoon season. While this may have been a necessary step, the aftermath of these actions has left the people of Karachi in a dire situation. Even though the monsoon season has passed, the roads remain in a state of disrepair, causing numerous problems for our communities.

To avoid the damaged roads, many motorists are forced to take longer routes to reach their destinations, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. In addition, some individuals resort to using wrong ways, leading to an alarming increase in road accidents. My question is simple: If the citizens of Karachi are dutifully paying their taxes, why are our roads in such a dismal condition? It is essential for the authorities to address this matter urgently and ensure that our road infrastructure is restored to a safe and functional state.

Laiba Sattar


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