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A former New Jerseyan and Playboy model, Christina Carlin-Kraft, was murdered in her apartment in late August 2018. Her body showed signs of a violent struggle before she was killed; it’s likely that this struggle occurred when the killer killed her. Jonathan Harris was arrested while trying to flee after a thorough investigation, CCTV footage and multiple tips led authorities to his alleged drug dealing. He confessed to the crime and was released from prison only a few days before the murder.

On ID’s The Playboy Murders, a new episode titled Moth to a Flame will air on February 6, 2023. This episode recounts the 2018 murder of Pennsylvania state cybergirl Christina Carlin-Kraft. As the episode reveals, police tracked down her killer by scouring surveillance footage from Philly and a psychiatric ward.

Christina Carlin-Kraft recently moved into a new home. She was engaged to her longtime boyfriend Alexander Ciccotelli, who purchased her the house in Ardmore— a prestigious Philadelphia neighborhood. Carlin-Kraft only lived in the house for a short time before she was strangled to death.

A man named Andre Melton broke into Christina’s house after he spiked her drink at a bar. He took a few of her expensive bags and jewelry from her home. Andre was found guilty of burglary, trespassing in someone’s home and theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen goods.

Christina Carlin-Kraft left the city early in the morning of August 22 after being traumatized by a break-in and burglary. She was found dead in her home two days later. When Ciccotelli couldn’t get inside his fiancee Christina’s apartment, which was bolted from the inside, he called 911. He also failed to answer his calls and became worried.

Blood and blankets covered Christina’s body when her corpse was found in a crime scene. Evidence on her body showed that she was severely beaten before being killed by suffocation. A doctor examining the body discovered that Christina’s nose had been broken and eyes blackened by striking areas when she died.

Authorities received multiple tips about a drug dealer named Jonathan Harris from the locals. They were able to apprehend him after viewing surveillance footage and hearing statements from a Lyft cab driver. After being released from prison just days prior to Christina Carlin-Kraft’s murder, Harris attempted to escape by boarding a bus in Pittsburgh.

After being arrested, Harris admitted to the police that they had consensual s*x, drank wine and used cocaine that night. During his confession, he revealed that a fight broke out between them when Christina refused to pay $1,200 for the drugs. As described in his testimony, Christina attacked him with a wine bottle before he punched her. After that, he reportedly started strangling her until she was about to call 911.

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