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Culinary destinations in Bandung – Hello friends, Cirebonshare, we are here to recommend some culinary delights in Bandung.

Bandung has many culinary delights worth trying. The city is famous for its delicious variety of specialties, from traditional to international food. Here are some culinary recommendations in Bandung that must be visited by culinary friends.

Culinary destinations in Bandung

Miss Bee Providore

This family restaurant serves a wide selection of modern culinary delights. Parents can visit this restaurant with their children comfortably because there are garden facilities and a fairly large play area.

Anteng Slope

This culinary tourist spot in Bandung, which has the name Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee, is a coffee shop that is currently popular in Bandung. Unlike the coffee shops in the city center, Lereng Anteng, which is located in Punclut, offers the sensation of drinking coffee in nature. This place is also suitable for making a list of culinary tours in Bandung at night.

Coffee shop

Kedai Tjikopi is one of the famous culinary delights in Bandung. This place serves a variety of delicious and quality traditional Indonesian food. This shop also has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Cafe Dago

Cafe Dago is one of the popular culinary tours in Bandung, serving a variety of delicious and quality food and drinks. The comfortable atmosphere and unique design make Cafe Dago an ideal place to relax and break your fast with family or friends.

Gudeg Yu Djum

Gudeg Yu Djum is a famous dining place with typical Jogja cuisine. This place serves delicious and quality food at affordable prices. A comfortable and friendly atmosphere makes Gudeg Yu Djum the right choice for breaking fast with family or friends.

Culinary destinations in Bandung are many and varied. These places offer delicious and quality food in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. So, if you are planning a trip to Bandung, don’t forget your culinary friends to try various culinary destinations in this city.

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