Dannii Minogue called Russell Brand ‘vile predator’ in 2006

Pop star Dannii Minogue angrily labeled Russell Brand a “vile predator” as far back as 2006 — accusing him of creeping her out by perving over her “fabulous breasts” and refusing to “take no for an answer.”

The Australian singer detailed her alarming experience with Brand from an appearance on his short-lived MTV show “1 Leicester Square” — seven years before he was accused this weekend of being a serial sex assaulter.

“He is completely crazy and a bit of a vile predator,” Minogue, then 34, told The Mirror in a 2006 interview that resurfaced after the latest allegations.

“I certainly don’t think he has cured his sex addiction, that’s for sure. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Minogue, the younger sister of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” hitmaker Kylie Minogue, claimed that Brand followed her down a corridor pestering her for her telephone number even though he was “just not my type.”

Dannii Minogue, pictured, labeled Russell Brand a “vile predator” following a disastrous MTV interview in 2006.
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 “Throughout the whole interview he kept making shocking remarks that I can’t even repeat,” she told the UK paper at the time, saying that it included him lecherously commenting on her “fabulous breasts.”

“Just uttering the words would make me blush,” she said.

“He always goes that step too far,” said of the already notorious “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” actor. “Never quite far enough to slap his face, but usually too far.”

Minogue added that even though Brand is “obviously very intelligent,” she was put off by the amount of makeup he wore.

“He’s just not my type,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief at her uncomfortable experience.

Dannii Minogue’s comments from nearly 17 years ago reemerged after Brand, now 48, was accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse between 2006 and 2013 by four women in an explosive Channel 4 documentary along with The Times of London and its Sunday team.

Russell Brand leaves the Troubabour Wembley Park theater in northwest London after performing a comedy set on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023
Minogue said that Brand, pictured, was “completely crazy” and “wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

One of the anonymous accusers claimed that the comedian sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old and in a relationship with him at the height of his fame.

Another woman going by the pseudonym Nadia said that Brand raped her against the wall of his Los Angeles home in 2012, after she refused to have a threesome with him following earlier consensual encounters.

Brand has denied the sexual misconduct allegations, saying in a video statement that all of his relationships were “always consensual” and blaming a conspiracy to silence his voice.

The Times said Monday that more women had contacted the newspaper with allegations against Brand, which the publication promised would be “rigorously checked.”

Meanwhile. top British politicians urged police in both the UK and the US to launch criminal probes into what one conservative lawmaker described as the “incredibly shocking” allegations against Brand.

“This merits and needs a criminal investigation, because for too long we have seen men — and the perpetrators of these sorts of crimes are almost invariably men — not being held to account for their behaviors and their actions,” MP Caroline Nokes told BBC radio

Max Blain, spokesman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, said the claims were “very serious and concerning,” and those making the allegations should be “treated seriously and treated with sensitivity.”

The BBC, Channel 4 and the production company behind the “Big Brother” reality series — spinoffs of which were hosted by Brand — all said they have launched probes into the iconoclastic comic’s behavior and how complaints were handled.

Brand quit his BBC radio show in 2008 after making offensive prank calls to “Fawlty Towers” actor Andrew Sachs in which he bragged about having sex with Sachs’ granddaughter.

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