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On Friday, Dwayne Johnson posted an Instagram post announcing that his mother Ata Johnson had survived a major car wreck. Young Rock featured Ata Johnson in a special episode in 2021. I am grateful to God that she is ok. She was in a car accident last night and angels of mercy watched over her. She will survive and continue to be evaluated. As well as lung cancer, a tough marriage, an accident with a drunk driver, and a suicide attempt – this woman has survived a lot.

Alongside a picture of the heavily damaged car, the Black Adam star, who shares a wholesome bond with his 74-year-old mother wrote, She’s a survivor. It is not unusual for the mother-son duo to sing together on weekends, while Ata plays the ukulele. I would like to thank LAPD and LAFD for being so caring and focused. I appreciate you staying on the phone and talking me through everything. As I only have one parent left, I encourage you to hug your parents hard. You never know when you’ll receive that unexpected 3 am call,” the 50-year-old added.

Actor Dwayne Johnson Pens A Heartfelt Note On Instagram After His Mother Ata Johnson’s Horrifying Car Crash

Dwayne Johnson has opened up about his mother Ata Johnson’s involvement in a horrific car accident. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, February 2, the 50-year-old pleaded with his fans to be grateful for their parents after the scary incident. The actor-wrestler shared a picture of the car his mother, Ata Johnson, was driving when the accident happened. Ata Johnson, the mother of ‘The Rock, was involved in a serious car crash on Wednesday night, February 2. During a serious car accident, Dwayne Johnson’s Mother Ata Johnson was driving a red Cadillac Escalade. The star hinted his mother will survive and continue to get evaluated. Following the crash, the star received a call from the Los Angeles Police Department. In terms of the escalation of the accident, not much information is available. Nevertheless, Dwayne Johnson’s picture of the accident car spoke a thousand words. About half of the red Cadillac Escalade’s bonnet was scraped off after the vehicle was crushed from the passenger side. The Dwayne Johnson family and friends received many well-wishes from fellow celebrities.

Dwayne Johnson expressed gratitude to the heavens above for protecting his mother Ata Johnson on Instagram. Thank you, God, that she’s okay, he wrote, Angels of mercy were watching over my mom last night as she was involved in a car accident. As Dwayne mentioned, his mother has experienced many near-death experiences. Ahead of a head-on collision with a drunk driver, the actor claimed that the woman had survived lung cancer, a tough marriage, and attempted suicide. In many ways, she’s a survivor, making angels and miracles seem real. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department. Thank you Los Angeles Police & Los Angeles Fire Department for your care and focus. Thanks for staying on the phone with me and talking to me. I have one parent left, so if you still have your parents, make sure to hug them tightly, because you never know when you’ll get that call at 3 am that we never want he concluded.

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