Emma Roberts calls out mom for revealing son’s ‘face without asking’

Ready or not, here’s the first look at Rhodes!

Emma Roberts called out her mom, Kelly Cunningham, for revealing her 2-year-old’s face on social media for the first time last week — without asking for permission.

“When your mom posts your son’s face without asking but you love them both so whatever,” the actress wrote via Instagram Stories Thursday.

The “American Horror Story” alum, 32, reposted her parent’s upload, which showed the toddler standing in a pile of leaves while wearing a green sweater and blue jeans.

“Little man is growing up!” Cunningham captioned the Feb. 3 snap.

She poked fun at her daughter’s shady Story on Thursday, posting a screenshot to her own account.

Emma Roberts' son, Rhodes, stands in leaves
The actress has hidden her 2-year-old’s face on social media.

“The battle continues!!🤣🤣” she captioned the chastisement. “I love you Q!! Touche♥️.”

Cunningham previously made headlines for spilling the beans about Roberts’ pregnancy in 2020 before the “Unfabulous” alum confirmed that she and then-boyfriend Garrett Hedlund were expecting.

Kelly Cunningham has spilled one of Roberts’ secrets in the past.

The grandma-to-be responded to a social media user at the time, gushing about how “excited” she felt.

Roberts subsequently blocked her mom’s account, telling Jimmy Kimmel that “mothers and Instagram [are] a bad combination.”

Cunningham confirmed the “Unfabulous” alum’s pregnancy in 2020.

Emma Roberts holds son Rhodes while standing outside
Cunningham confirmed the “Unfabulous” alum’s pregnancy in 2020.


Emma Roberts sits on couch with son Rhodes in pajamas
Cunningham confirmed the “Unfabulous” alum’s pregnancy in 2020.


She recalled, “It was the worst thing she ever did. … It was a disaster, and I found it all out on a plane, so I couldn’t get to her. I couldn’t call her or attack her. We kind of laughed. We kind of got into a fight.”

Since the “Scream Queens” alum gave birth to her baby boy in December 2020, she and Hedlund, 38, have kept his full features off of Instagram.

Emma Roberts smiles in photobooth snap with mom Kelly Cunningham
Roberts subsequently blocked her mom on Instagram.

The former couple, who split in 2021, only give glimpses of the back of Rhodes’ head or the side of his face.

Until recently, Cunningham has done the same. When she celebrated the little one’s 2nd birthday in December 2022, she shared a shot with Rhodes’ back to the camera.

Emma Roberts wears one-piece swimsuit and sunglasses poolside
Roberts shares her baby boy with ex Garrett Hedlund.

“Your [sic] such a gift from the heavens above,” Cunningham captioned the tribute. “You break my heart everyday with your laugh and love you give to us all.

“Your [sic] my little soldier,” she continued. “I love you so much! 🙏♥️🎂🥳💥🤗xoxo Mims.”

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