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Location Effect Altar of Death When you play a card here, destroy it to get +2 Energy next turn. Asgard At the end of turn 4, whoever is winning here draws 2 cards. Atlantis If you only have one card here, it has +5 Power. Attilan On turn 4, shuffle your hand into your deck. Draw 3 cards. Avengers Compound On turn 5, all cards must be played here. Bar Sinister When you play a card here, fill this Location with copies of it. Bar With No Name Whoever has the least Power here wins. Baxter Building Whoever is winning this location gets +3 Power at the others. Bifrost After turn 4, move all cards one location to the right. Central Park Add a Squirrel to each location. Cloning Vats When you play a card here, add a copy to your hand. Collapsed Mine Fill this Location with Rocks. Skip a turn to destroy your Rocks. Crimson Cosmos 1, 2, and 3-Cost cards can’t be played here. Daily Bugle Get a copy of a card in your opponent’s hand. Danger Room Cards played here have a 25% chance to be destroyed. Dark Dimension Cards played here are not revealed until the game ends. Death’s Domain When you play a card here, destroy it. (Previously this effect was seen on Knowhere) Deep Space On Reveal abilities won’t happen at this Location. District X Replace both decks with 10 random cards. Dream Dimension On turn 5, cards cost 1 more. Ego Ego takes over and plays your cards for you. Elysium Cards cost 1 less. Eternity Range After turn 3, add a Rock to the losing player’s side. Fisk Tower When a card moves here, destroy it. Flooded Cards can’t be played here. Flooding This is the last turn cards can be played here. Gamma Lab After turn 3, transform all cards here into the Hulk. Grand Central At the end of turn 5, put a card from each player’s hand here. Hala At the end of turn 4, destroy all cards controlled by the player losing here. Hellfire Club 1-Cost cards can’t be played here. Hell’s Kitchen Draw a 1-Cost card from your deck. Isle of Silence Ongoing effects are disabled here. Jotunheim After each turn, cards here lose 1 Power. Klyntar After turn 4, merge your cards here into a Symbiote. K’un-Lun When a card moves here, give it +2 Power. Kamar-Taj On Reveal effects happen twice at this location. Klyntar Cards here have -2 Power. Knowhere On Reveal effects do not happen at this location. Kyln You can’t play cards here after turn 4. Lamentis-1 Draw 3 cards. Destroy both decks. Lechuguilla When you play a card here shuffle 3 rocks into your deck. Lemuria No cards are revealed this turn. Limbo There is a turn 7 this game. Los Diablos Base At the end of turn 3, ruin a random location. Luke’s Bar When you play a card here, return it to your hand. Mindscape At the start of turn 6, swap hands. Miniaturized Lab On turn 3, 4, and 5, no cards can be added here. Mirror Dimension On turn 4, transform into one of the other locations. Mojoworld Whoever has more cards here gets +100 Power. Monster Island Add a 9-Power Monster here for each player. Monster Metropolis The cards with the highest Power here get +3 Power. Morag You can’t play your first card here each turn. Muir Island After each turn, give cards here +1 Power. Murderworld At the end of turn 3, destroy all cards here. Necrosha Cards here have -2 Power. Negative Zone Cards here have -3 Power. New York On turn 6, you can move cards to this location. Nidavellir Cards here have +5 Power Nova Roma Draw a card. Olympia Draw 2 cards Onslaught’s Citadel Ongoing effects here are doubled. Oscorp Tower After turn 3, all cards here swap sides. Plunder Castle Only Cards that cost 6 can be played here. Project Pegasus +5 Energy this turn. Rickety Bridge After each turn, if there is more than one card here, destroy them. Ruins [no effect] Sakaar Put a card from each player’s hand here. Sanctum Sanctorum Cards can’t be played here. Savage Land Add two Raptors on each side of this location. Sewer System Cards here have -1 Power. Shadowland Add a Ninja to each side with -2 Power. Shuri’s Lab When you play a card here, double it’s Power. Sinister London When you play a card here, add a copy to another location. Sokovia Discard a card from each player’s hand. Stark Tower At the end of turn 5, give all cards here +2 Power. Starlight Citadel After turn 4, swap the position of each location. Strange Academy At the end of turn 5 move all cards here to other random locations. Subterranea Shuffle 5 rocks into each deck. The Big House 4, 5, and 6-Cost cards can’t be played here. The Hub Add a random card to each player’s hand. The Ice Box Give a card in each player’s hand +1 Cost. The Nexus Your Power here is granted to other Locations as well. The Peak Each card in your hand swaps its Power and Cost. The Raft Whoever fills this Location first draws a 6-Cost card. It costs 0. The Space Throne Only one card can be here for each player. The Superflow If you have no cards here, +1 energy each turn. The Triskelion Fill each player’s hand with random cards. The Vault On turn 6, cards can’t be played here. Throne Room Card(s) here with the highest Power have their Power doubled. Tinkerer’s Workshop +1 Energy this turn. Titan 6-Cost cards cost 1 less. Transia Shuffle the locations. TVA At the end of turn 4, end the game. Vibranium Mines When you play a card here, shuffle 3 Vibranium into your deck. Vormir The first card you play here is destroyed. Wakanda Cards here can’t be destroyed. Wakandan Embassy Give +2 Power to cards in players’ hands. Warrior Falls After each turn, cards here FIGHT! Destroy the weakest one(s). Washington D.C. Cards here with no abilities have +3 Power. Weirdworld Both players draw from their opponent’s decks. Westview Turns into a new location on turn 4. Worldship Destroy the other locations. X-Mansion At the end of turn 3, add a random card here for each player. Xandar Cards here have +1 Power.

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