Gulfport Energy: Projected $300 Million FCF At Current Strip (NYSE:GPOR)


Gulfport Energy (NYSE:GPOR) announced Q4 2022 earnings recently along with guidance for 2023 that was generally better than my expectations. It is doing a good job in terms of controlling costs and believes that it can grow

Gulfport's Hedges

Gulfport’s Hedges (

Type Units $/Unit $ Million
Natural Gas [MCF] 335,070,000 $2.90 $972
NGLs (Barrels) 4,653,750 $33.15 $154
Oil (Barrels) 1,551,250 $74.50 $116
Hedge Value $73
Total Revenue $1,315

Expenses $ Million
Transportation, Gathering, Processing and Compression $361
LOE $63
Taxes Other Than Income $41
G&A $45
Interest and Preferred Dividends $55
Capex $450
Total Expenses


Gulfport's Utica Wells

Gulfport’s Utica Wells (

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