Home Hardware expected to reopen soon after fire

The Home Hardware store on St. Peter’s Road in Charlottetown should be able to reopen soon following a structure fire at the store Tuesday evening, according to Charlottetown fire Chief Tim Mamye. 

He said the fire, which started in the warehouse section of the store, wasn’t very large.

“It’s a big structure and it caused a lot of smoke and when you see all the trucks on scene it looks like a massive event,” he said. “But really the fire was kept to its area of origin.”

A lot of smoke collected in the building, says Chief Tim Mamye. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

The Charlottetown Fire Department received the call from an automatic alarm at the store at 6:48 p.m., said Mamye. The timing was fortunate, he added, because firefighters were already at the hall for a meeting, which shaved a few minutes off the response time.

There were some complications in getting the fire out, he said.

“It got into the wall a little bit so it took some time to knock it down,” said Mamye.

“There was extensive smoke in the building because it looked like it had been going for a little bit of time and built up some steam.”

The store was open when the alarm went off, but was safely evacuated, said Mamye.

The investigation into the cause and the extent of the damage is still underway, he said.

Damage to the retail part of the store was limited to smoke, and Mamye believes with a little more ventilation to clear that it will be able to reopen.

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