How have Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan reacted to Marcus Jordan breaking up with Larsa Pippen?

While Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen may arguably be the greatest pair to ever grace the court, it’s no secret that they had a rocky relationship. During his time with the Chicago Bulls, the two were able to work on the floor despite their differences.

Michael’s son Marcus

Despite this, teammates have made it clear that Jordan never hesitated to be the ‘bad cop’ on the team, while Pippen played the role of ‘good cop’. When Jordan would bully teammates during practices and games, it was Pippen who would swoop in with far more tact. Although their rivalry is well documented off the court, Pippen was bullied when Michael’s son Marcus Things took an unexpected turn when he started dating his ex-wife.

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Larsa Pippen opens up about her controversial relationship history

When fans learned that she was dating her ex-husband’s rival’s son, the reactions started pouring in. The storyline reached a point where the new couple were filmed and heckled at a baseball game as a fan cracked jokes about the pair. Wild ‘friendship’.

Jordan family and Pippen family curtains

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in December where Marcus sat in the audience, Larsa spoke about the situation. After being questioned, she said she “didn’t know” what her ex-husband thought about the matter. When pressed further, she said that the former couple never discussed things. As she explained, although people have invested a lot in the new relationship, the Jordan family and the Pippen family were never involved behind the scenes. While Jordan and Scottie found great success together on the court, their families didn’t spend much time together.

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