How Keke Palmer Is Preparing for Motherhood—and the Metaverse

Palmer has been getting more tired than usual, adding, “So now I’m feeling myself be a little bit more like, ‘Oh, I could take a nap dead-set in the middle of the afternoon, why not?’ Where before, it might not be something that I would usually do.”

While the actress has opened the floor to social media commentary on a few occasions, such as when she gleefully revealed last month that she was newly blemish-free, she’s also found a wellspring of support among the celebrity mom set.

Tamera Mowry and Lauren London both have been just like, ‘My door is open,'” Palmer shared. “That’s the thing that I’ve seen from most other people who work in the industry and have families, just how happy they are for me and coming to me with open arms. They’ve all been very encouraging.”

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