Italy’s PM calls for EU help after island migrant surge

LAMPEDEDUSA, Italy: Italy´s prime minister warned on Sunday that the “future of Europe is at stake”, after droves of migrants landed on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa.

Thousands of migrants on vessels from the North African coast landed on Italy´s southernmost island this week, sparking a crisis that has rekindled debate over the division of responsibility among the EU nations.

At a press conference with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during a visit to the island, Giorgia Meloni said the bloc needed to work together to face the challenges of uncontrolled migration.

It is “the future that Europe wants for itself that is at stake here, because the future of Europe depends on Europe´s capacity to face major challenges,” Meloni said. Between Monday and Wednesday, around 8,500 people — more than the island´s entire local population — arrived in 199 boats, according to the UN migration agency.

“Irregular immigration is a European challenge that needs a European response,” von der Leyen said, calling on other members of the bloc to take in some of the migrants. The Italian Red Cross, which runs the overcrowded Lampedusa migration centre, said on Sunday that 1,500 migrants remained there despite having a capacity for just 400.

Transfers of migrants to Sicily and the mainland have not kept up with the flow of new arrivals, although further transfers were expected to be made on Sunday, the Red Cross said. The officials were met on arrival at the airport by residents unhappy with the mass arrivals, threatening to block their motorcade.

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