John Cena’s Short Skirt and High Heels Look on Movie Set Is a Must-See

It’s John Cena like you’ve never seen him before.

On Feb. 10, the actor was photographed wearing a black T-shirt, a short black and white plaid skirt, thigh-high, black stockings and black, lace-up booties while walking to his trailer on the set of the comedy movie Ricky Stanicky in Melbourne, Australia. Two days prior, the WWE Hall of Famer was spotted on the set sporting mime-like makeup, a baggy, black vest over a button-down pinstriped white shirt and long shorts paired with red and yellow socks and black shoes.

Cena stars in the Peter Farrelly-directed film along with actors such as Zac EfronJermaine Fowler and William H. Macy. The movie is about three friends who as teens, accidentally burn down a house following a prank and then blame the incident on a person named Ricky Stanicky, who doesn’t actually exist. After using him as a scapegoat to get out of other situations for the next 20 years, their wives become suspicious, so they hire an actor to play Stanicky.

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