Kate Middleton Reveals Her Favorite Food During Chat With 109-Year-Old Fan

While chatting with her centenarian fan, the princess discovered they share similar preferences with regard to food. Princess Kate Middleton revealed this during a candid chat with an elderly fan. He likes kidney beans and Brussels sprouts the most.

The life of the British royal family has always fascinated us

The life of the British royal family has always fascinated us. People around the world are constantly watching how they behave, dress, and eat. In fact, every little detail about the royals instantly becomes headlines around the world. Recently, we received one such fascinating piece of news about Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales — and it was about her favorite food. Of course, we were quick enough to notice that! Can you guess? What is his favorite food? Let us spill the beans for you.

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According to a report by The Independent

According to a report in The Independent, the Princess of Wales recently made a surprise visit to the Oxford House Nursing Home in Slough. There, she met a 109-year-old resident named Nora, along with her grandchildren Lynn and John. While chatting with Nora, Kate discovers that she and Shatabdi share similar preferences with regard to food. When asked about her favorite food, Nora shared, it was “kidney and Brussels sprouts”, to which the princess replied, “I love kidney too”.

Kate Middleton with cooks at nursing home

In addition to meeting residents, Kate Middleton also took part in a pancake-making activity with the cooks at the nursing home. It was a fun-filled activity where the princess hilariously failed to flip the pancakes, read a Sky News report. The report further states that head chef Anna Wright instructed them to pour the pancake batter into the pan and flip it after a while to cook both sides. While Kate poured the batter right, she ruined it by scraping it with a spatula. However, she eventually managed to break free of some pancake and was able to flip it over.

The princess said showing the ruined dish

“Certainly don’t eat it,” said the princess, showing her the ruined dish. She further joked about her skills and said that her kids would definitely boycott her pancakes. “The kids might not want to do pancakes. They’ll say, ‘Mummy, we’ve seen you do that – no way’,” Princess Kate joked. If you too have trouble making pancakes, then here we have a perfect solution for you. We’ve got some easy tips that will help you make pancakes like a pro.

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