Key Takeaways From 2023 BloombergNEF Summit And EV Outlook


By Anthony Sassine, CFA

Every year, electric vehicle (EV) investors, policymakers, and industry participants flock to San Francisco to attend the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) EV Summit. The summit is a melding of the minds for the global EV industry that tends to presage future

BNEF audience poll

Global investment in sustainable materials

Investment in US EV industry

Potential future value of metals in energy transition

KARS Performance

KARS 2022 EV sector contribution
Tesla stock performance

EV sales by region

Historical global battery prices

KARS EV only car manufacturers


Lithium, nickel, cobalt prices

China share of EV battery maker firms

Global battery demand by chemistry mix

Average capacity - China battery makers

Key factors when buying NEVs


KARS EV industries

KARS breakdown: country and industries

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