Latto Fired Back at “Panty Police” After Re-Wearing Her Underwear

Latto just proved she got that real big energy.

The rapper had a cheeky response to being called out over wearing the same pair of leopard underwear twice. After a user tweeted “Can’t afford new panties?” alongside snaps of Latto with the undergarment in question peeking out on two separate occasions—one in which she’s donning a Juicy Couture tracksuit and the other in head-to-two denim—the 24-year-old chimed in with her own thoughts.

“Oh no,” Latto wrote Jan. 29, quote tweeting the original user.

Fans were quick to come to Latto’s defense in the comments, with one user saying, “What happened to WASHING ever heard of that ? Thought you did sumn.”

However, the fun didn’t stop there as Latto crossed platforms to Instagram where she gave followers a tour of her panty drawer, and the “target panties that caused such a discrepancy.”

And what did her followers see? The artist showed off multiple pairs of the same leopard print underwear as the ones that went viral. At the end of her Instagram video, Latto let fans know that she would be selling the pair she was wearing the next day.

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