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Shemar Moore had a bittersweet moment with his new bundle of joy when he took her to visit his mother’s grave.

The 52-year-old Criminal Minds graduate welcomed his first child, daughter Frankie, with girlfriend Jesiree Dizon in January.

And in the first weeks of fatherhood, Moore couldn’t wait to introduce little Frankie to his late mother Marilyn, who passed away in 2020.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the “SWAT” actor held his newborn daughter, putting his arm around Dizon in that particular moment.

“Shemar, Jesiree, Frankie and the ghost of grandma Marilyn….. ❤️🕊️🥰 Mom’s dream was to become a father and give mom wonderful children… It took me a while, but mom’s dream became a reality!” Moore wrote alongside a photo of the trio.

Shemar Moore
Moore welcomed his baby girl Frankie in January.

He added that he “achieved a lot and experienced good, Great, light and dark … but I couldn’t do it alone.”

In a sweet shot, Moore and Dizon hold a glass of wine while toasting his late mother.

“Jesiree Dizon, we got back together, found love again, and together we made a magical little man… I’ll call her ‘My Little Miracle’….. FRANKIE MOORE💕💕💕💕💕💕💕,” he continued.

Shemar Moore's mother, Marilyn
Moore’s beloved mother Marylin passed away in 2020.

“Jesus I love you and I’m so grateful… Daddy loves Frankie… I love you and miss you everyday Grandma Marilyn ❤️🕊️ RIP 2/8/20.”

Later that day, the actor returned to his Instagram to share a heartfelt clip of his daughter lying on his chest.

“Her little eyes are open. Daddy and Frankie are just chilling out,” he says in the video. “Dad and Frankie… My new partner in crime 🤩🥰.”

The actor often posts cute pictures of his new bundle of joy, calling it a “little miracle”.

Shemar Moore

The actor often posts cute pictures of his new bundle of joy, calling it a “little miracle”.


Moore recently opened up about becoming a new dad at 52, saying his mum would be proud.

“So I’m Shemar Moore, I’m 52.5, my mum is in heaven now,” he continued “The Jennifer Hudson Show” last month, adding that February 8 marks the anniversary of his mother’s death.

Moore continued, “And on February 8, I will fulfill one of her dreams because in real life, Shemar Moore is about to become a dad.”

“I’m so excited. I’m sorry he can’t be here. I was worried for a while that it was something like ‘this ship has sailed away’ but God supported me and everything worked out,” he added. “This is going to be the best part of my life – my life is quite wonderful, but I know that whenever God calls me by name, when I have this experience, I can go to heaven whole.”

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