Most Shocking Moments From the BRIT Awards Madonna very dramatic fall Geri Union Jack Dress

Adele’s career-defining performance, and that Jarvis Cocker stage invasion, at the 2023 BRIT Awards Saturday night is going to be quite the moment, and the annual ceremony has played host to shocking and awkward moments over the years.

From show-stopping musical performances to shocking moments

Almost every year has been a surprising occasion worth talking about, from show-stopping musical performances to shocking moments and unplanned gaffes. Arguably one of the most talked-about BRIT moments in recent years. When veteran performer Madonna stunned the audience in 2015 by falling backward off the stage.

delivered a career-defining performance

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Another moment went down in history when the Spice Girls performed in 1997, with Geri Halliwell wearing a Union Jack mini-dress. Which has now become a popular fancy dress outfit and is one of her most memorable looks. Elsewhere, Adele gave a career-defining performance in 2011. When she sang an emotional rendition of Somebody Like You catapulted his album 21 straight to the top of the charts.

Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack Dress History

Iconic: Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress went down in history when she took to the stage wearing the outfit alongside her Spice Girls bandmates in 1997. The 2023 BRIT Awards are building up. But will it lead to more shocking moments, like Jarvis Cocker breaking up Michael Jackson’s performance?

A chilling rendition of Someone Like You on stage

Emotional: She took to the stage to perform a chilling rendition of Someone Like You, which went straight to number one after fans were moved by her emotional performance. Madonna’s 2015 performance at the BRITs became memorable for all the wrong reasons. Then she took a shocking stumble down a set of stairs.

The 64-year-old singer was the last performer to take the stage during the star-studded evening as she belted out Living for Love at London’s O2 Arena. However, her highly anticipated performance took a turn for the worse when she made an embarrassing mistake. Steps fell backwards.

Madonna a bang after coming down the stairs during

Madonna appeared to land on her back with a bang after coming down the stairs during her performance. Due to this, he was forced to stop singing.

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