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The new Ash Ketchum-less Pokemon anime series has finally received a release date for TV Tokyo audiences.

After winning the World Championship in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, longtime series protagonist Ash Ketchum will soon hang up his hat.

For now, Pokemon faithful get to say goodbye to the iconic character via the Aim To Be A Pokemon Master miniseries, which ends in March.

The brand will return to television soon thereafter, with new lead characters on board for yet another tiny monster-filled journey. Fortunately, The Pokemon Company has shed light on when exactly fans can expect the passing of the torch to occur.

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Pokemon’s new anime series gets a release date

Today, February 10, Pokemon’s official Japanese Twitter account confirmed the franchise’s next anime will begin airing on Friday, April 14, in Japan. TV Tokyo will broadcast the series to Japanese audiences.

At the time of writing, The Pokemon Company has yet to confirm when the series may make its way westward.

Pokemon website Serebii translated the news blast, which offers a few more details about the upcoming series and protagonists Lico and Roy in addition to the new anime’s release date.

Interestingly, Liko carries a “special pendant” whose origins and purpose have not yet been defined. The latest information also confirms Liko as a native of Paldea, the same locale that Switch players explored in last year’s Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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While the specifics remain vague, Pokemon fans can apparently look forward to more news about the forthcoming TV show sometime next week.

Ash’s tenure as the franchise lead hasn’t concluded just yet, though. The 11th and final episode of Pokemon Aim To Be A Pokemon Master debuts on Friday, March 24.

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