Rob Gronkowski Has Tips for Pal Tom Brady’s Next Thirst Trap

Rob Gronkowski is loving Tom Brady‘s retirement era.

Take, for example, the former NFL quarterback’s recent thirst trap—a selfie which showed a shirtless Brady modeling his Bradys. Though Gronk does have some critiques for his friend.

“He did a good job, his hand placement was a little iffy,” Gronk—referencing Brady’s strategic arm placement in the Feb. 6 snap—said in an exclusive interview with E! News. “If he moved his hand it would’ve been a better picture. But you know, he has to keep people guessing. So that’s understandable.”

There’s always next time.

Nonetheless, scrolling through his feed and seeing that shot of the GOAT left the retired athlete as shocked as the rest of us. “I was like, ‘Oh, Tom!’ I was like, ‘Wow!'” the 33-year-old, who teamed up with Bounty ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl, recalled. “He’s showing all his goods basically, that’s a first.”

“I love that he’s opening up already in the retirement era,” Gronk added. “It’s great to see.”

Next year, Brady (who announced his retirement—again—on Feb 1) will join his former teammate on Fox as he starts his broadcasting career. So, what advice does analyst Gronk have for his pal?

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