RuPaul Drag Race Fans Say Sent Home The Salina Aesthetes

55% of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race fans say the Salina aesthetes should have been sent home.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” season on February 24

By the end of episode 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 15 on February 24, both Spice and the Salina aesthetes were making their second trips to the bottom two spots. After the three-look “Crystal Ball”, Spice and Salina performed the Lil Nas X song “That’s What I Want”. Salina sent into Lip Sync For Your Life was declared the winner. and Spice is sent back to the workroom to clear his things.

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Instead of going to Spice’s house

We asked in a recent poll whether Spice was the right queen to “sash away” and most fans think the judges got it wrong. Instead of Spice going home, 55% of those polled believed that Salina was more deserving of elimination. Only 23% of fans believe the judges were right in eliminating Spice. The remaining votes were evenly split between the other three options: either, the other, and both. For the second option, for the third option for elimination. The most likely candidate would be Lucie LaDuca, who also received a low placement from the judges.

The panel thought her second look was unattractive

Here are the full election results that fans think should have been eliminated this week. The panel thought that his second appearance was unattractive and that the construction and design choices of his third appearance were poor. Speak up and share your arrogant opinion in our famous forums where 5,000 showbiz leaders lurk every day to track the latest awards buzz. Everyone wants to know: What do you think? Who do you predict and why?

Celebrating the show’s 15th anniversary and 200th episode

To celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary and 200th episode, RuPaul Charles threw “The Crystal Ball”, a three-look runway ball with two looks for the queens. There was a need to draw inspiration from the history of Drag Race and create your own unique crystallized costume from scratch. Third, the judges loved the personal branding and style. The one’s Spice put into his first “Start Your Engine” look were loosely inspired by his “My Favorite Ball” and “Crystallized Eleganza”. Because of his simplicity and his failure to follow Carson Kressley. K Workroom’s advice is to push the envelope more than what they’ve seen in the past.

The first design challenge of the season was

The last time Salina went down was the first design challenge of the season. Again, he was criticized for not having the eye of a good editor and for packing too many ideas into one look. She took Carson’s advice to downsize this time, but still returned down to three ill-fitting dresses. It was a disappointing result for Salina, who in the first episode had expressed Rs. Under the pressure of being surrounded by so many confident peers, she struggled to keep her inner saboteur at bay.

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