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Sariah Saibu was an Australian actress. She died on January 30 and the sad news of her untimely demise was shared by her auntie Cassandra Colvin on Facebook, expressing thus;

“A devastating post. This morning we lost our darling Sa Riah. I am struggling to find the words to express the grief that I and her family are feeling at this time, and I know her loss will be felt by many. Jenny Saibu and Zakhir Saibu – I send you all my love and strength.

A shout out to the beautiful Sariah friends who have already reached out to me and Sariah’s family – your words, and the deep love you clearly have for Sariah, provided comfort – I send my love back to you as you all make sense of this tragedy. I have attached a photo shared with me this morning by Jim Bob.

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It was taken of Sariah about 6 years ago down South and captures her beauty and light. May her radiant soul continue to shine. RIP beautiful – all our love always. Please share this post. We will provide updates on funeral arrangements in time.”

Sariah played Violet in ‘Gorgeous They’ at the New York Tribeca Film Celebration and the Melbourne Worldwide Film Celebration.

The film was designated for the TV Expressions (AACTA) Best Short Structure Show grant and the Australian Institute of Film. At Eccentric Screen, Mardi Gras 2022 was additionally named the best film.

Sariah Saibu cause of death

Her family is yet to reveal what actually triggered her death. As mentioned above her auntie Cassandra Colvin shared the news but did not give a clue on what caused her death.

Sariah Saibu net worth

There’s no clear information on her net worth although some blogs say she had over $100,000 in her account.

Sariah Saibu parents

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There’s no information about who her parents are.

Sariah Saibu children

Saibu had no kids before she died.

Sariah Saibu husband

We have no information about her marital status but it’s likely she was never married.

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