Sex offence trial of former junior hockey coach to begin in Regina Tuesday

A former junior hockey coach accused of sexual offences against a 17-year-old in 1988 will appear in the Court of King’s Bench in Regina Tuesday for the start of his trial.

Bernard “Bernie” Lynch is facing charges of assault and sexual assault.

Lynch, 68, coached hockey in North America and Europe for more than 40 years, including Saskatchewan. He was the subject of a CBC News investigation in 2021, in which parents and players alleged abusive behaviour.

His trial in Regina starts 10 a.m. CST Tuesday.

Lynch was released with conditions in 2021. He had to be on good behaviour, report to a parole officer in Regina and live solely at an approved residence.

He could only contact the alleged victim through a lawyer. Lynch was prohibited from visiting them in their workplace, home or academic institution.

Lynch was also barred from using a computer to communicate with a minor, from volunteering or gaining employment in a role that put him in a position of power with youth, and from coaching, recruiting or participating in sports with minors.

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