Swipe The 13 Best Red Nail Polishes Down The Nail And Away From The Fingertips

Sports car red, tomato, and classic burgundy all make for a gorgeous manicure. Reynosa advises, “After five to 10 seconds, swipe straight down the nail and away from the fingertip. And avoid scrubbing back and forth across the nails and surrounding skin.

Tiktok’s viral red nail theory

Where many of the best red nail polishes are getting extra shine thanks to Tiktok’s viral red nail theory. And true beauty enthusiasts know that these timeless shades are anything but new. Between testing vibrant blues, and petal pinks, and moving on to my holly-grill French manicure. Wearing a red manicure always makes me feel like I’m that girl.

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OPI Global Education Design

“I love that it now has a name,” Heather Reynosa, director of OPI global education design, told BAZAAR.com about the trending color theory. “In nearly 30 years of being in the nail industry, red is always a winner. And many times when a client asks their partner to choose a color for them, they choose red, more often than not. Do I think it has something to do with their mothers? Not really, but I guess there’s something to a red manicure, which is both sexy and conservative, flirty and strong. Confidence is attractive, and red nails are boldly confident while still being super easy to wear.

JINsoon founder and celebrity nail artist

JINsoon founder and celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi agrees, adding that red has been a quintessential polish shade not only for years but centuries. “Red manicures never go out of style because they are appealing classic colors associated with passion and love. In fact, the first nail polish color believed to be deep red originated in China in 3,000 BC. says. In addition to a red shade’s specific undertone, whether warm or cool. Its glossy, satin, or matte finish can also help define its final color payoff.

The only real drawback is wearing red polish

The only real drawback to wearing red polish, according to the pros, is that it can sometimes stain the nail bed, cuticles, and the skin around your nails. When worn without a base coat, this is why it is not necessary to skip the step when applying red. When it’s time to remove the polish and ruby, be sure to apply cuticle oil first. Then saturate a cotton or lint-free pad with your remover and hold it on each nail for 10 seconds. This process allows the product to penetrate through multiple layers of polish and eventually softens them for cleaner removal.

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