Taskmaster Everything you Need to know

Premiering Thursday, February 2 at 7:30pm, Taskmaster is set to make its Australian debut on 10 and 10Play. Each week, tough-loving taskmaster, Tom Gleeson, and his trusty sidekick Tom Cashman gave Julia Morris, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Reece, Nina Oyama, and Danielle Walker a series of challenges to see who had mastered the tasks. Will do

Adapted from the hit UK format of the same name, Taskmaster promises to be light on seriousness and heavy on laughs.

Tom Gleeson

Tom Gleason is a gold-plated comedy superstar, breaking through and filling the ratings of big theaters across the country. Gleason has been in front of a microphone for more than 20 years as one of the country’s best-loved stand-up comedians.

On The Weekly, Gleason’s segment Hard Chat features Karl Stefanovic to Sophie

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On ABC-TV’s The Weekly, Gleason’s segment Hard Chat took aim at everyone from Karl Stefanovic to Sophie Monk, Barnesi, The Proclaimers and Elbow. Tough Quiz also translates to all ages and languages.

tom cashman

Tom Cashman is a rising stand-up comedian, performer, and writer with an analytical and humorously devastating style. Cashman is a regular on 10’s The Project and has appeared on TV’s Question Everything, Celebrity Letters and Numbers, Planet America, Australia Debates and Tonight with Tom Ballard. Cashman also wrote on ABC’s Win the Week as well as on many of those same projects.

Julia Morris

Julia is one of Australia’s most accomplished and respected artists. A quadruple threat, Morris has moved seamlessly between stage and screen for over 34 years. Morris first appeared on Australian television at the age of 17, singing on the talent show New Faces. By the mid-nineties, Morris a household name as a prominent stand-up and actor, with roles in the comedy sketch favorite Full Frontal, the night-time talk show Melbourne Tonight and the panel show, Beauty and the Beast.

jimmy rees

Making his debut as Jimmy Giggle on the award-winning ABC Kid’s TV series Giggle & Hoot.

Luke mcgregor

Luke McGregor is a writer, actor and one of Australia’s favorite comedians. His comedy career began in Tasmania in 2007 when he entered the Raw comedy competition after a contestant failed to appear. The following year he was selected as a Raw Comedy National Finalist.

McGregor is the co-creator, co-writer and co-star of the smash-hit sitcom Rosehaven for ABC TV with Celia Paccola, for which he won Most Popular Actor at the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards.

Nina Oyama

Nina Oyama is a comedian, writer and actress who landed her first TV writing job at the age of 19. When a producer saw him performing while standing in a dreary pub. Currently, Oyama serves as a story editor for the first season of the Hulu x 20th Century Fox adult animation Koala Man which is scheduled to air in 2023.

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