The Bodyguard Musical The King Theater Glasgow

Some musicians have to warn you several times to behave yourself. To consider the people around you before getting so emotional, your night at the theater turns into a West End audition. When the music choice is Whitney Houston’s songbook, it can be hard not to be the queen of the night and start dancing in the aisles.

Rachel Marron as the late great global superstar

A star vehicle for the late great global superstar Whitney Houston as Rachel Maron. And strutting in those knee-high boots for this production of the touring musical are The Pussycat Dolls and TV star Melody Thornton. The lead role is that of a pop legend on the rise. And when Thornton began singing her voice it showed why she was cast in the role. This may have happened due to the increased stress of production. But acting-wise, it would have felt more natural if she had relaxed a bit in the role.

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Ayden callaghan a strong frank farmer

Ayden Callaghan is a strong Frank Farmer, but there is some distance in the chemistry between him and Thornton. One of the show’s standout stars is Nikki Maron as Emily-Mae. An absolute star of musical theatre, giving goosebumps in every tune, and one who tugs at your heartstrings with her performance. Tim Hatley’s set and costume design is beautiful, yet it’s a tad short in parts. The opening number kicks off the dynamic phase with a bang. But in some numbers, the capacity of the set is not used.

Tapping into the Growing True Crime Market

Tapping into the growing true crime market, the stalker played by Marios Nicolaides is well-acted but overly fetishised. Spending the show shirtless or pointing his arms at the audience. Overall, the acting is quality but overly melodramatic and glamorous like an 80s American soap opera. An electric ensemble fills the stage with a powerful routine. And the big concert numbers are guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat.

The story moves at a fast pace

The story moves at a fast pace, not focusing on small details. Frank Farmer just needs to look at someone and they fall head over heels in love with him. However, it is easy to follow and an engrossing thriller full of suspense. Bodyguard is a passionate story of a former Secret Service agent who is hired to be the bodyguard of a famous actress and singer. Which is currently under threat from an unknown predator. Upon its release in 1992, the film became the tenth highest-grossing film of all time.

Academy Award Nominated

The amazing list of hits performed makes the musical an incredible night out. Academy Award nominees include “Run to You” and “I Have Nothing”, as well as the films “I, Will Always Love You”, “I’m Every Woman” and “Queen of the Night”. Then to make things even crazier the show is sprinkled with Whitney Houston’s discography of anthem after anthem. BODYGUARD THE MUSICAL is an exciting night out featuring phenomenal music and exciting storytelling.

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