The Fashion Fix Former Love Island Star Molly May The Hague Viral Zara Leather Jacket

A savvy fashionista has shared an easy 1p hack to keep the belt in place, thanks to the viral Zara leather jacket. This is the outfit that has taken over our social media feeds. The oversized biker jacket was popularized by former Love Island star, Molly May-Hagh.

TikTok user Lorraine Hodgson

But despite the hefty price tag, some fashionistas complain about the belt constantly falling off. It was a problem TikTok user Lorraine Hodgson (@by.loren) struggled with. until she came up with an easier solution. The best part? Not only does it take seconds, but it also costs just 1p. Viewers praised the viral jacket in the comments on Devon’s video.

Took to TikTok to share fashion hacks

Helping out fellow style enthusiasts, the Zara fan, who is in her early 20s, took to TikTok to share her fashion hacks. According to Lorraine, the answer is simple – all you need is a hair that you’ve split in half. Once ready, he put each end into the hole by the loop and tied it down, as demonstrated in the video.

Zara fans shower thanks to the young lady

“The belt will never fall off again,” Lorraine insisted as she posed with the trendy item for her nearly 170k followers. Zara fans flooded the comments to thank the young lady, with one writing: “Unreal.
omg, thanks. I have this jacket and it’s such an annoying thing,’” a third couldn’t wait to hack away.

Option shared by Devon Goonan on TikTok

But if you want that many people could not get their hands on this number. So Primark fans have discovered a hoax and it’s selling for £25 less. The alternative was shared by Devon Goonan on TikTok, leaving viewers in awe. Taking inspiration from Molly-May, she tried on a leather look with a gray hoodie and black leggings. Best of all, it’s only £35, loads cheaper than the Zara version.

Want to spruce up the winter wardrobe

So if you want to spruce up your winter wardrobe, run, don’t head to Primark. You’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on one, as fashion lovers are rushing to buy one for themselves. The oversized style would be perfect for the colder months, as you can layer a hoodie and thick jumper underneath to keep it extra cozy.

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