This 4-year-old loves garbage trucks. So the waste company offered her a private tour

Four-year-old Clara Kiblasan of Labrador West loves garbage trucks.

Like, really loves them, to the point where Wednesday — her street’s garbage day — is now her favourite day of the week. 

Clara’s mom, Claire Kiblasan, recently posted a video of Clara’s reaction to the weekly visit from  the truck.

And it took off. 

“She started liking trash trucks back in May because we were able to find Trash Truck on Netlfix,” Kiblasan said.

“She loves watching it. Every time she sees a trash truck she’s so excited and she’s so happy.”

The video landed in front of the right people. Last week, Clara was offered a closer look at her favourite truck by Hodge Brothers Ltd., a waste management company that services Labrador City and Wabush.

Cassandra Gaulton, the first woman at the helm of a garbage truck in the company’s history, was there to show Clara the inner workings of her rig — including the iconic truck horn. 

Watch the video above to see Clara’s tour of her favourite garbage truck.

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