Travelers Line UP For Hours To See Breathtaking Insta-Famous Beach Spot In Australia

Australian travelers are making a two-hour, 6km climb to see the Instagram-famous rock pool. And then are disappointed to find that it was all in vain. Another TikTok clip shows a group of women going into a pool. Making fun of their ridiculously bad trip.

Figure Eight Pool Sydney’s Royal National Park

The figure eight pools are located on the shores of Sydney’s Royal National Park, just over an hour south of the city near Burning Palms Beach. and are attracting adventurers for their unique, naturally formed shapes. Although travel bloggers are discovering the reality, many tourist hotspots are dismayed by how dangerous and dangerous the pools are in real life.

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Visitor Jessica Henderson said in the TikTok clip

“Whoever told you eight pools were bucket list worthy,” visitor Jessica Henderson said in the TikTok clip. He was lying to you and I will show you why.’ Social media is the rage, with tourists from all walks of life traveling far and wide just to get that ‘perfect’ photo.

Said pointing to the rock pool

In the video, Jessica took viewers on a ‘never-ending’ hiking trail through bushes, the beach, and over rocks to the pool. Have we come here for this?’ Jessica’s partner laughed. It’s kind of beautiful but still not getting in and it’s probably the highlight of the trip. he said, pointing to a large, clear rock pool nearby. When they reached the spot after walking a long distance, there was a gathering of people and swimming had become unpleasant.

The two videos have been viewed a combined 2.6 million times

‘Time to go straight back to the car.’ The clip was a follow-up in response to a previous video in which Jessica showed images of what she expected the pool to welcome her when she visited. The two videos have been viewed a combined 2.6 million times, as many of the comments stated. He had a similar experience, while others thought the ordeal was hilarious.

Eight pools were filled with people with selfie sticks

‘I think the uphill hike is better than the actual pool,’ said one onlooker. I traveled in sandals all the way and when we reached there. It was such a high tide that we couldn’t see anything,’ another remembered. Definitely not worth it. Did a few years ago and had eight pools full of people with selfie sticks.’ replied a third. Whoever hyped up the figure eight pool, I hope both sides of their pillow are warm,’ joked the fourth.

Made the trek for a swim in the crystal clear water

The Figure Eight pools aren’t always in an Instagrammable condition, as they’re clearest after the tide goes out. However, officials have been warning visitors to prioritize safety and to always watch for low tide and low swell. In order to get the best photos ever since pools became an Instagram sensation in 2016. Thousands have sometimes made the trek to swim in the crystal clear waters, but it hasn’t come without consequences.

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