Valvoline’s Changes Opens Up Opportunities (NYSE:VVV)

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Valvoline’s (NYSE:VVV) current restructuring into an automobile maintenance shop may allow it to go beyond internal combustion engine maintenance and allow it to prosper in an EV future. However, current valuations are not attractive enough

Seeking Alpha's Quant Ratings on Valvoline

Valvoline’s Quant Ratings (Seeking Alpha)

A diagram showing the types of vehicles they can provide their maintenance services for

What Valvoline Provides Their Services To (Valvoline)

Valvoline's 2022 income statement as displayed in their 10-K


2022 2021 2020
Operating Income 220.3M 240.1M 160.2M
Net interest and other financing expenses 69.3M 108.3M 92.1M
Income before taxes 151M 131.8M 68.1M
Income tax expense 34.7M 59.9M 53.4M
Income from continuing operations 116.3M 71.9M 14.7M

Valvoline's upcoming earnings estimates for Q1 2023

Seeking Alpha

2022 2023 est.
Revenue 1236.1M 1483.3M
Net Income 109.4M 142.2M

Valvoline's stock price as it fluctuated throughout Q3 2022

VVV’s Stock Price Throughout Q3 2022 (Yahoo! Finance)

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