Watch Ex-Trump Crony Stephen Miller Wildly Praise Democrats On Fox News

“The reality is, the Republican party cannot exist as a functional party if just eight members at any point in time can join with all Democrats to eject the speaker,” he said. “If you wanna be like the left, if you wanna beat the left, if you wanna dominate the left, if you wanna save the country from the left, you have to learn from them. They operate as a unit. They operate as a team. They find their strength in unity as they block as a single block.”

In contrast, he said, Republicans “act like it’s the model U.N. all the time. They’re always debating with each other and caucusing and meeting here and meeting there. .. They need to focus.”

Miller then reverted to business as usual, bashing border policy and echoing ad nauseam GOP claims that the government is weaponized against the right.

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