Watch Online Adhuri Aas Web Series All Episodes In HD

Hunters App released Adhuri Aas web series with a bunch of fresh faces. Adhuri Aas web series has gripping storyline and amazing performances by ensemble. Hunters App is another venture from the same company that brought us Primeplay web series.

Adhuri Aas web series cast Naina, Vinod Tripathi, Farhaan, and many others. The story revolves around a girl who lives with her Mami and brother instead of going her husband’s home. You can watch online all episodes of Adhuri Aas web series only on Hunters App.

However, the Adhuri Aas web series has been sold to audience by promising an old young girl-on-girl scene. In the last fifth episodes of Adhuri Aas web series, we finally get an amazing scene between protagonist and her Mami.

Adhuri Aas Web Series Cast

  • Farhaan
  • Naina
  • Vinod Tripathi
  • Pari
  • Annu Mourya
  • Bhimraj

Adhuri Aas Web Series Story

Adhuri Aas web series episode 4 starts with the woman confronting her brother for not thinking odd about their relationship. However, after knowing he hadn’t had any relationship in all those years, she helped him learn everything about handing woman.

The scene shifted to house meeting where Mami scolded her for not going to her husband’s house. She again fought back her Mami and find her brother in the corner.

Watch Online Adhuri Aas Web Series All Episodes In HD

Adhuri Aas web series episode 5 gave us much needed scene that fans have been waiting for. Creators make sure they bring some newness to the screen even though it may look odd. That happened, as in one shot both the girls tried to eat a long vegetable at the same time.

If this is not enough, we also get a three-way romance between brother, sister, and mother. Hunters App does focus on story building to make their scenes look more engaging and appealing.

Adhuri Aas web series is a stunning tales of women in the society and their needs. We can think of a possible climax where all three ladies would do it together without involving men. If it happens, it would be an interesting show.

Watch online Adhuri Aas web series and follow us to know more about web series industry.

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