What Is Bling Empire’s Blake Abbie Family Net Worth 2023

The family of Blake and Abbie has a net worth of about $15 million. Blake’s dad, Robert, was a professional soccer player and worked in a business office.

Abbie is a Canadian writer whose parents are from China and Scotland. He is the editor-at-large for System and A Magazine Curated By, two fashion magazines.

In 2018, he made his first appearance on TV as Thomas in the Chinese show “Meteor Garden.” His IMDB page says that he was also in the movie “Tomorrow Will Be Fine.”

Because he was in “Bling Empire: New York” on Netflix, he has been getting more fans lately. People are naturally interested in where the reality TV star gets his money and how much he has made since he showed off his expensive lifestyle.

Blake Abbie

Blake Abbie: Biographical Details

Real Name Blake Abbie.
In Limelight Bling Empire: New York (2023).
Profession Writer.
TV personality.
Age 32.
Birth Date October 30, 1990.
Birth Place Montreal, Canada.
Lives in New York, America.
Sexuality Queer.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Scorpio.
Ethnicities Mixed.

Blake Abbie: Bio

Blake Abbie is a Canadian writer, TV host, and model who was born on October 30, 1990. He is 32 years old. Sources say that he used to work for System Magazine and that he is now working for A Magazine Curated By.

In 2018, he got into TV with a Chinese show called “Meteor Garden,” which was shown on Netflix. He was also in “Tomorrow Will Be Fine,” a love story that was directed by Yuan Yuan.

Abbie is in the news right now because he and Dorothy Wang, Freya Fox, Deborah Hung, and Richard Chang all appeared in the new Netflix reality show “Bling Empire: New York.” This spinoff of “Bling Empire” is all about wealthy Asians who have done very well in New York City.

Abbie is one of those people who tries to keep their personal lives as secret as possible. But don’t worry, we’ve told you almost everything you could want to know about him in this article.

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Blake Abbie: Net Worth 2023

The family of Blake and Abbie is worth $15 million. Realitytibit says that Blake’s work as an actor and writer has given him a net worth of $2.73 million.

Robert Blake’s father was a professional soccer player before he went to work for a company in the 1960s.

According to salary.com, an editor at large in New York makes an average of $76,083 per year. Also, the average annual salary for a freelance editor is $76,044, and the average annual salary for a creative consultant is $65,000.

But he knows a lot about publishing, which helps him make a lot more than the average salary.

Also, we think he got a lot of money from his father’s estate after his father died in 2020.

Blake was determined to focus on his love of writing and music while he was still in school. He chose to study German language and literature at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

The reality TV star focused on Bertolt Brecht’s modernist works when he was studying for his C1 levels. Blake also went to the University of British Columbia, where he got a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and Germanic Studies.

Blake Abbie
Blake Abbie

Blake got his first job in October 2011 as an agency and production intern for Total Management in Paris, France.

But in March 2012, he quit his job, moved to London, UK, and started working at Saturday London as an accounts assistant and creative copywriter. During the same month, he also worked for Industrie Magazine as an editorial and digital assistant.

In January 2012, he quit both jobs to become the managing editor and a creative consultant at Ever Manifesto. He worked for System Magazine as both a brand consultant and a creative producer at the same time. The second company also gave him a job as the managing editor.

In January 2015, Blake moved again, this time from London to New York. He quit his old job and became the managing editor of Document Journal, a job he had until July 2016.

In January 2014, he was named Editor at Large for A Magazine Curated By, a job he still has as of this writing. Since January 2013, he has also worked as a free-lance editor and creative consultant.

The reality TV star has also played different characters for short amounts of time on shows like “Ming Tian Hui Hao De” and “Meteor Garden.” He works with Innovative Artists to help advance his career as an actor.

Blake Abbie Family

Blake Abbie parents The mother, June Wong Abbie, is from China, and the father, Robert Abbie, is from Europe. The Abbies only have one child, and his name is Blake.

Blake was born on October 30, 1990, in Montreal, Canada. He was the only child of his mother and father, who came to Canada from another country.

June, his mother, is from Hangzhou, China, and Robert, his father, is from Edinburgh, Scotland. So, the reality star is a Canadian citizen from a mixed-race background.

So, the mix of traditional and western has always been an important part of his life. His parents give him full freedom to be who he wants to be, but they also teach him some values.

His mother moved to Hong Kong after he had grown up in Hangzhou. After they moved to Canada in the late 1980s to marry his Scottish father, who was 26 years older than her, Abbie was born.

Blake’s father gave him a sense of security, belief, and confidence, which made it seem like their relationship was almost unique before his death in late 2020.

Robert “Bob” Alexander Abbie was born around the middle of June 1934, which means he probably spent a lot of his early years in fear because of WWII (1939–45).

Even though he left his mark on the world, he and his family did well in the years that followed through hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck.

As a young adult, he moved from his home country of Scotland to Canada to play professional soccer. He then worked for a company in the 1960s to further his career.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear where Robert went from there, but Blake has made it clear that his father wore many hats in his 86 years.

In other words, it seems like Robert has always had enough money to take care of his family and pursue his interests without having to worry too much about money.

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Blake Abbie: Married Life

We don’t know if Blake and Abbie are dating or not because we don’t have enough information. It’s likely that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and is single right now.

Blake Abbie is a well-known and popular Canadian actor, editor, reality show star, and media personality. People wanted to know if he is married or not. Our most recent research shows that Blake Abbie is not married and is not with anyone.

Blake Abbie
Blake Abbie

Blake Abbie: Education

Fans from Asia would be interested to know what his Chinese name is. In an interview, he told me that his Chinese name is Wang Li Min, which is very old-fashioned. Every year on October 30, his family and friends always wish him a happy birthday. Well, he didn’t say much on the internet about how he spent his birthday.

As of 2022, different sources say that he is 32 years old and has Canadian citizenship. According to this, his parents had him in 1990 in Montreal, Canada. His family lived in Toronto at first, but then moved to Vancouver. Also, he lived with his mother for a long time in Hong Kong. His Twitter says that he is with his family in New York, United States.

Blake Abbie was accepted into the P.S. 001 Alfred E. Smith Elementary School, where he will go to school. After that, he got into the University of British Columbia and got his bachelor’s degree in classical music. After he finished school, he moved to Paris to follow his dream of becoming a photographer.

Blake Abbie: Career

Blake has always been interested in fashion, art, and movies. So, when he was done with school, he moved to Paris. He used to work as a photographer’s assistant to pay his bills when he first started making money. Soon after, he found a magazine called “Industry” and wanted to be the magazine’s editor. Soon after that, he got a job as the magazine’s assistant editor.

After working there for a while, he went to work for “System” magazine. Now, he is the editor of “A Magazine Curated By,” where he talks to famous people and writes about them. In fact, he just talked to Angie Chai, who is known as the “godmother” of all Chinese idol dramas.

Besides this, he is also an actor. Blake became known to a lot of people when he was in the Netflix show “Meteor Garden.” He is also known for his part in “Ming Tian hui hao de.”

Blake Abbie
Blake Abbie

Blake Abbie: Facts

  • Blake Abbie also works as a model for a living.
  • Blake and Abbie are also interested in fashion.
  • Blake Abbie has also worked as a photographer’s helper in the past.
  • At the moment, Blake Abbie has 49k followers, and his Instagram account has 396 posts.


1. How old is Blake Abbie?

Ans: 32 (in 2022). (in 2022).

2. When did Blake Abbie get his start?

Ans: 30th of October, 1990.

3. What country does Blake Abbie come from?

Ans: Canadian.

4. What does Blake Abbie do for a living?

Ans: He is the editor of a magazine, a writer, and a TV host.

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