Why Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Started Drinking Again

After nearly half a year of not drinking, Lindsay Hubbard is once again enjoying her occasional cocktail.

The Summer House star previously revealed in February 2022 that she gave up alcohol to support co-star and now-fiancé Carl Radke on his sobriety journey, but that changed before they started filming the Bravo series’ seventh season.

“I made the decision to stop drinking when I did it was because he was sober and I was going to be sober with him to get him through to his one year anniversary,” the 36-year-old exclusively told E! News ahead of the show’s Feb. 13 premiere. “Then it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is fun. Carl and I are in this super honeymoon phase, I don’t even need to drink.”

Fast forward a few months as Lindsay explained, “I think it was like Easter, we were in Florida and I was with my aunt and I was like, ‘I kind of just want to have a glass of wine with my aunt. Then right after that I was in L.A. with Danielle [Olivera] and that was always something that Danielle and I love, having some wine together.”

The reality star said it was “a natural progression into my natural lifestyle of drinking, but this time with what I had learned during those five months that I wasn’t drinking.”

She continued, “Now, I understand a little bit more balance, I understand what’s going to make Carl comfortable in his sobriety, but also staying true to myself and my lifestyle.” 

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