Why These TikTok Recipes Are Perfect for a Casual Valentine’s Day Date

Cheese Pour Cauliflower: This recipe not only makes for a delicious keto dish, but as Abby—also known on TikTok as @houseofketo—noted, it’s a simple yet “life-changing” take on the veggie. Aside from an oven, all you need for this roasted cauliflower are just a few ingredients including avocado oil, heavy cream and a couple of seasonings. For the full recipe, look no further than here.

Crispy Pesto Eggs: Nothing says sunny side up quite like starting your day with the perfect twist on a classic but simple breakfast dish: Eggs. As for this morning treat shared by @tasty_healthyrecipes, all that’s need a dab of pesto, two eggs, some butter and a slice or two sourdough bread to complete the meal. Start your day off right by following the step-by-step recipe here.

Sweet Rose Pull Apart Bread Rolls: We honestly cannot think of a more appropriate dish for this holiday than this one just by the name alone. Known for her delectable cooking videos that have often gone viral, Miriam, also known by her TikTok username @mxriyum, has come up with the perfect sweet treat for an appetizer.

Her sweet pull-apart bread will take a little over an hour (including resting time for the dough) but you can’t rush perfection, after all. And if you’re wondering about exact measurements, head over here for the detailed recipe and instructions.

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